Saturday, May 30, 2009

Criminal Cheney

Sorry folks couldn't leave this one alone. Only upon truth and justice can freedom stand. As much as these arch treasonous criminals think they are above the law, the more criminal they actually are. For the sake of humanity, for the sake of the future of the people of America and the world they must be put behind bars.

Please go to the above link and sign the petition.

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  1. It will never happen, as this country is not run by the people, but by the congress who fears the elite more than anything and Cheney is part of this group. Whomever crosses Cheney, any of the Bush-es, will pay a very high price and no one will ever risk it, so signing any petitions is a waste of time. These petitions have been floating around for over 4 years now, so are they just looking for donations? I think so, because they know there will never be any justice of the higher ups in this country. 9-11 is still hanging out there and all has been forgotten. It's a shame, but it is the way of this world.