Friday, May 29, 2009

The Ancient Godesses

When God was a She! Life based religions... vs Death based
When Power meant responsibility not dominion
The power to give life was revered versus the power to take life.
The Goddess 'religions' are documented back to the Paleolithic some 30,000+ years B.C.E. and through the Neolithic... Up to the emergence of the bronze age approximately 3,000 b.c.e.! The chalice or goddess ruled supreme until then, when became the emergence of the sword. This is the beginning of the age of the wars, dominion and patriarchy, an age of fear, the very same age we are hopefully at the end of today.

And men out there, don't fear subjugation by women in the way women have been subjugated by patriarchy, there is no evidence to support matriarchy what so ever. Our mother cultures that for whatever reason gave birth to the destructive bronze age, while it was the woman's power to give life that was revered and also gave women position of eminence over men the societal structure was beyond our current paradigm. There was not a so-called pecking order of dominion but partnership!

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  1. Very interesting, but not very pretty goddesses. Sorry.