Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Emergence of the Rational Mind

On the current events; Egypt
It is fascinating the peaceful resolve to which revolution is unfolding. Even in a child intent on escaping reality into their own irrational emotion land/temper tantrums (not grief) versus confronting the potential horror of such separateness (always exacerbated of conflict), are awakening to stronger a sense of global unity and shared experience. So refreshing is this realization of a solidarity to justice. When this revolution is over there will be not one left against this... transition... revolution.. awakening.


  1. Certainly, I would like to think this is the case, i.e., transition, revolution and awakening. Am wondering if this should read, awakening, revolution and then transition. However, I have doubts that perhaps all that is happening could have been contrived by people who work behind the scenes in this and other countries. I am also having a difficult time believing that people in every country are awakening at the same time. Am not saying this is not possible, but then we would have to think of a greater force than anything on this planet. Then, I think, well, why would the elite in the world want this to happen, and I have some ideas that are kind of "out there". It is refreshing to watch and invigorating as hell. Did some kind of dust get sprinkled on the entire Middle East that finally woke them up? Will this same dust be sprinkled in other areas, because the people are oppressed, globally?

  2. Well Mubarak and his henchmen have put an end to this peace ... for now ... Unfortunately these attempts are the hard way to an end in a process for peace and freedom globally that is unstoppable ...