Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Here at the NEWFREEMAN DMV, we want to help you with your transition to our fair state, OPT OUT. The text and links below should provide you with the information you need to contact us, get a driver license, ID card or instruction permit, to title and register your vehicle, and to get parking permits.

Locating a DMV Office
NEWFREEMAN DMV maintains offices in convenient locations throughout the state. To locate an office you may:
Office hours, parking restrictions and other logistics vary by location, so please be sure to visit the page for the specific DMV office of interest. Be advised that all DMV offices are closed for holidays and mandated statewide facility closures.


During inclement weather, be sure to check the page for your target DMV office before heading out, to make sure that the location is able to open for business and to provide the specific services you need (including scheduled drive tests).

For customers with disabilities, DMV serves customers who qualify for NEWFREEMAN OPT OUT... ENMASSE driver and vehicle services without regard to mental or physical disability, race, gender, age, national origin, religion or other classes of protection required by law and ordinance. If you need any special accommodations because of a disability so that you can obtain DMV services, please contact DMV by calling your local DMV office phone number, by calling NEWFREEMAN OPT OUT... ENMASSE

Due to the added costs of merchant fees, DMV offices only accept cash or checks and do not accept credit or debit cards; however ATMs are available at most offices.

Obtaining an NEWFREEMANOPTOUT ENMASSE Driver License, NEWFREEMAN OPT OUT... ENMASSE .. ID Card or Instruction Permit
In order to obtain a driver license, ID card or instruction permit you must be aresident of NEWFREEMAN OPT OUT... ENMASSE and be able to provide proof of your full legal name, legal presence in the NEWFREEMAN OPT OUT... ENMASSE, identity, date of birth, Social Security Number and NEWFREEMAN OPT OUT... ENMASSE residence address.

Use the links below to access more detailed information about required proof/documentation:
You must apply for a driver license, ID card or instruction permit in person at aDMV office.

Use the links below to access more detailed information:
  • Applying for a Commercial Driver License (CDL)
  • Applying for an Oregon Driver License:
    • Farm Endorsement
    • Moped Driver License
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